Apple iPhone 14 is now on sale for just Rs 34,399 at Flipkart, offering a massive discount of Rs 35,501.

Apple released the latest iPhone 15 in India, starting at Rs 79,900. This new iPhone 15 has a somewhat different look, an improved camera, a faster processor, and a USB-C port Apple iPhone 14.

📱 Apple’s Product Price Discounts in 2023 🎉

Apple has rolled out exciting product discounts, making it the perfect time to grab your favourite gadgets. Check out the table below for a breakdown of the discounted prices:

📱 iPhones:

ProductStarting Price (Without Discount)Discount Offered
iPhone 15₹79,900₹5,000
iPhone 15 Plus₹89,900₹5,000
iPhone 15 Pro₹1,34,900₹6,000
iPhone 15 Pro Max₹1,59,900₹6,000

📱 Older iPhones:

ProductStarting Price (With Discount)Discount Offered
iPhone 14₹69,900₹4,000
iPhone 14 Plus₹79,900₹4,000
iPhone 13₹59,900₹3,000
iPhone SE₹49,900₹2,000

⌚ Watches:

ProductStarting Price (Without Discount)Discount Offered
Watch Series 9₹41,900₹2,500
Watch Ultra 2₹89,900₹3,000
Watch SE₹29,900₹1,500

📱 Apple iPhone 14: Big Price Drop Post iPhone 15 Launch

The Apple iPhone 14 recently witnessed a substantial price reduction following the release of the Apple iPhone 15. Initially launched with the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 started at Rs 79,900. However, it is now available at a much more affordable rate of Rs 69,900 on the official Apple store. Surprisingly, you can find even better deals on Flipkart.

Apple iPhone 14

💰 Pricing Details

  • Apple iPhone 14 (Base Model): Originally priced at Rs 79,900, it can now be yours for just Rs 64,999, a whopping Rs 4,901 off the official store price.
  • Apple iPhone 14 (256GB Variant): This model initially cost Rs 79,900 and is currently available at a reduced price.
  • Apple iPhone 14 (512GB Variant): The top-tier variant, originally priced at Rs 99,900, has also witnessed a considerable drop.

🔄 Additional Discounts and Offers

In addition to the lowered prices, Flipkart is offering generous exchange deals for your old smartphones. You can receive up to Rs 30,600 for your old device, which significantly sweetens the deal.

💡 iPhone 14 Features and Specs

The iPhone 14 may not have generated massive buzz upon its release, primarily due to its similarities with the iPhone 13. Nevertheless, after receiving discounts on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, it started to garner attention.

  • Processor: The iPhone 14 shares a chipset with the iPhone 13 but has more cores, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Display: Sporting a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, the front design closely resembles the iPhone 13, complete with a familiar notch housing a 12MP camera for video calls and selfies.
  • Camera: The phone’s rear features a dual-camera setup with 12MP sensors.

🚀 The iPhone 15: What’s New?

While the iPhone 15 debuts in India with a starting price of Rs 79,900, it brings notable improvements, including a distinct design, enhanced camera capabilities, a faster processor, and the convenience of a USB-C port. It’s worth noting that the ‘Pro’ models in the iPhone 15 series introduce even more substantial changes.


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